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Earth Sciences 3 hours ago

Thawing permafrost is shaping the global climate

A new publication and interactive map summarize the current state of knowledge on the risks posed by permafrost soils—and call for decisive action

Environment Jun 27, 2022

Ailing oceans in state of 'emergency', says UN chief

A long-delayed conference on how to restore the faltering health of global oceans kicked off in Lisbon on Monday, with the head of the UN saying the world's seas are in crisis.

Environment Jun 25, 2022

Investigating the dynamics that reshape permafrost environments

When permafrost thaws, water can flow more quickly through the ground, creating a complex subsurface flow system. Researchers at the Barrow Environmental Observatory in Alaska gained insight into this process by taking daily ...

Environment Jun 23, 2022

Enabling ecological change amid climate change is key to preserving biodiversity and ecosystem services, says study

As the need to address climate change becomes increasingly urgent, so too does the concurrent need for proactive stewardship of the Earth's rapidly changing biosphere, according to research published today in the journal ...

Environment Jun 16, 2022

New global biodiversity framework falls short on inclusion of chemical pollutants, say environmental experts

Environmental scientists, ecologists, and policy experts argue in a letter published today in Science that the proposed Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework—a new international agreement to protect biodiversity—fails ...

Earth Sciences Jun 09, 2022

How 'viral dark matter' may help mitigate climate change

A deep dive into the 5,500 marine RNA virus species scientists recently identified has found that several may help drive carbon absorbed from the atmosphere to permanent storage on the ocean floor.

Ecology Jun 08, 2022

Alien species are moving across oceans faster, accelerated by climate change

Oceans and coastlines have been subjected to human use for centuries. But the effects of human activity on the oceans are now more extensive, with the resulting changes happening more rapidly than ever before.

Earth Sciences Jun 07, 2022

Scientists find new indicators of Alaska permafrost thawing

More areas of year-round unfrozen ground have begun dotting Interior and Northwest Alaska and will continue to increase in extent due to climate change, according to new research by University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical ...

Environment Jun 06, 2022

Including all types of emissions shortens timeline to reach Paris Agreement temperature targets

Countries around the world pledged in the Paris Agreement to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, or, at most, 2 degrees Celsius. As emissions rates gradually begin to decline, countries are looking at how many greenhouse ...

Environment Jun 03, 2022

Global plastic use and waste on track to triple by 2060

A world severely blighted by plastic pollution is on track to see the use of plastics nearly triple in less than four decades, according to findings released Friday.

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