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Environment Nov 27, 2023

Winter isn't coming: climate change hits Greek olive crop

Greek organic farmer Zaharoula Vassilaki looks with admiration at a huge olive tree on her property believed to be over two centuries old, still yielding despite a direct lightning hit years ago.

Archaeology Jun 29, 2023

Lessons in sustainability, evolution and human adaptation, courtesy of the Holocene

The El Gigante rockshelter in western Honduras is among only a handful of archaeological sites in the Americas that contain well-preserved botanical remains spanning the last 11,000 years. Considered one of the most important ...

Ecology Mar 8, 2023

States are banning this invasive Callery pear tree and urging homeowners to cut it down

When people think of spring, they often picture flowers and trees blooming. And if you live in the U.S. Northeast, Midwest or South, you have probably seen a medium-sized tree with long branches, covered with small white ...

Plants & Animals Jan 19, 2023

Ascertaining the most effective silicon fertilization strategy to boost olive tree defenses

Despite not being an essential element for plant growth, silicon increases plants' tolerance of biotic stresses, such as pests and diseases; and abiotic ones, such as drought and salinity. The effects of this element, the ...

Plants & Animals Jun 6, 2022

Get out and go fungal: Why it's a bumper time to spot our native fungi

When COVID forced Melburnians to isolate during large parts of 2020 and 2021, many took the opportunity to walk around parks, creeks or remnant bush.

Earth Sciences Jul 20, 2021

New biomechanical method draws roots into deeper soil layers to resist drought stress

Tree roots are drawn towards moist soil, a phenomenon known as hydrotropism. Near surface watering therefore causes roots to stay close to the surface instead of growing deep into the ground. Biomechanical engineers from ...

Environment Jun 15, 2021

An act of God, or just bad management? Why trees fall and how to prevent it

The savage storms that swept Victoria last week sent trees crashing down, destroying homes and blocking roads. Under climate change, stronger winds and extreme storms will be more frequent. This will cause more trees to fall ...

Plants & Animals Jan 29, 2020

How climate change is affecting gardens

According to Dr. Dave Kendal from the University of Tasmania, in the next 50 years, 20-50% of current plant species in botanic gardens and urban landscapes will likely confront temperatures those species have never experienced ...

Environment Nov 22, 2019

Oaks instead of palm trees? Florida's iconic palms don't cut it with climate change

South Florida's palm trees are postcard promises of sighing sea breezes and sandy beaches, but the icon of the tropics may be an impractical adornment in an era of climate change.

Evolution Apr 20, 2015

The overlooked third man

The horticulturist who came up with the concept of 'evolution by natural selection' 27 years before Charles Darwin did should be more widely acknowledged for his contribution, states a new paper by a King's College London ...

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