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Plants & Animals Jan 29, 2020

How climate change is affecting gardens

According to Dr. Dave Kendal from the University of Tasmania, in the next 50 years, 20-50% of current plant species in botanic gardens and urban landscapes will likely confront temperatures those species have never experienced ...

Environment Nov 22, 2019

Oaks instead of palm trees? Florida's iconic palms don't cut it with climate change

South Florida's palm trees are postcard promises of sighing sea breezes and sandy beaches, but the icon of the tropics may be an impractical adornment in an era of climate change.

Evolution Apr 20, 2015

The overlooked third man

The horticulturist who came up with the concept of 'evolution by natural selection' 27 years before Charles Darwin did should be more widely acknowledged for his contribution, states a new paper by a King's College London ...

Archaeology Apr 16, 2015

How ancient species survived or died off in their old Kentucky home

"The answers to extinction, survival and evolution are right here in the dirt," says University of Cincinnati Quaternary science researcher Ken Tankersley, associate professor of anthropology and geology. "And we are continually ...

Environment Nov 14, 2014

A thousand years of environmental change in Polynesia

Environmental change is nothing new in Polynesia. For centuries, the inhabitants of the volcanic, sea-battered islands have been employing a variety of strategies to adapt to their changing landscapes.

Social Sciences May 05, 2014

Middle school students introduced to arboriculture topic

A potential new sixth grade curriculum augmentation has been introduced to teach youth about an important topic: how to recognize structural defects in trees. "This highly important topic is rarely presented in middle or ...

Environment Sep 17, 2013

Amazon deforestation due in part to soybean growing

Fighting deforestation of the Amazon for cattle raising and farming is one of the great rallying cries of the world's conservationists.

Archaeology Apr 02, 2013

Research on Maya village uncovers 'invisible' crops, unexpected agriculture

( —The University of Cincinnati's mastery of ancient Maya mysteries continues with new research from professor of biological sciences David Lentz.

Ecology Nov 10, 2010

Potential hemlock hybrids tolerant to invasive hemlock woolly adelgid

New hemlock hybrids that are tolerant to the invasive insect known as hemlock woolly adelgid have been created by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists.

Other Aug 11, 2008

If a street tree falls... what does it take to make sound policy?

There's little debate that, when a tree falls near a city street, it makes a sound. But other questions are more difficult to answer: Who is affected by the falling tree and how? Who is liable for the damage? And who is responsible ...

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