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Environment 4 hours ago

Chesapeake Bay 'dead zone' predicted to be 13% lower than average this summer

This summer's Chesapeake Bay "dead zone" is expected to be smaller than the long-term average, according to a forecast released today by researchers from the University of Michigan, Chesapeake Bay Program, University of ...

Earth Sciences 7 hours ago

Climate change is shrinking and fragmenting salmon habitat

Salmon famously travel hundreds of miles upstream to reach their home waters to spawn, but climate change is shrinking their destination. A new study offers high-resolution details on how Chinook salmon habitats are being ...

Ecology 14 hours ago

Life in the abyss, a spectacular and fragile struggle for survival

Cloaked in darkness and mystery, the creatures of the deep oceans exist in a world of unlikely profusion, surviving on scant food and under pressure that would crush human lungs.

Environment 17 hours ago

UN meet sees blitz of pledges to protect ailing oceans

A major UN conference on how to restore the faltering health of global oceans kicked off in Lisbon this week with a flurry of promises to expand marine protected areas, ban deep-sea mining, and combat illegal fishing.

Plants & Animals Jun 27, 2022

Will renaming carp 'copi' help control them?

Illinois officials this month announced that Asian carp would now be called "copi" in an attempt to make the fish more desirable for eating. Joseph Parkos, the director of the Illinois Natural History Survey's Kaskaskia, ...

Environment Jun 27, 2022

Microplastics might be entering marine food webs from the bottom up

Microplastics—tiny pieces of plastic less than five millimetres in size—have been found in marine and freshwater animals ranging from tiny zooplankton to large whales.

Environment Jun 27, 2022

Ailing oceans in state of 'emergency', says UN chief

A long-delayed conference on how to restore the faltering health of global oceans kicked off in Lisbon on Monday, with the head of the UN saying the world's seas are in crisis.

Ecology Jun 27, 2022

Mormon crickets swarms spur Oregon push to fight pests

Driving down a windy canyon road in northern Oregon rangeland, Jordan Maley and April Aamodt are on the look out for Mormon crickets, giant insects that can ravage crops.

Agriculture Jun 23, 2022

Book considers more sustainable food production methods

In his new book "Regenesis," journalist and environmental activist George Monbiot describes problems associated with agriculture now and into the future. He also gives examples of how agriculture can be improved to produce ...

Ecology Jun 22, 2022

Unselective fishing could reduce fish diversity and homogenize assemblage structure in lakes

Freshwater fishing is recognized as a major stressor on aquatic ecosystems, often leading to dramatic changes in the structure of natural populations. Fishing in inland freshwaters typically takes two forms: intensive fishing ...

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