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Polymers 18 hours ago

Paper without the microplastics: An economical and ecofriendly coating

Michigan State University's Muhammad Rabnawaz has created a new coating for paper packaging that's both economical and ecofriendly.

Ecology 21 hours ago

When devastation strikes the oceans, sharks can hold the key to recovery

A world without sharks is a world less resilient to extreme climate events, scientists say.

Ecology 23 hours ago

Improving water quality could help conserve insectivorous birds

A new study shows that a widespread decline in abundance of emergent insects—whose immature stages develop in lakes and streams while the adults live on land—can help to explain the alarming decline in abundance and diversity ...

Environment Feb 23, 2021

For selenium in rivers, timing matters

Selenium contamination of freshwater ecosystems is an ongoing environmental health problem around the world. A naturally occurring trace element, selenium levels are high in some geologic formations like sedimentary shales ...

Environment Feb 17, 2021

Healthy rivers: Communities use DNA tool to keep tabs on freshwater quality

Photos of Canada often show the Great Lakes, expanses of wetlands and scenic rivers. The country is described as a water-rich nation, and it is, with seven percent of the world's renewable freshwater supply. However, freshwater ...

Ecology Feb 16, 2021

Blind shrimps, translucent snails: the 11 mysterious new species we found in potential fracking sites

There aren't many parts of the world where you can discover a completely new assemblage of living creatures. But after sampling underground water in a remote, arid region of northern Australia, we discovered at least 11, ...

Environment Feb 15, 2021

Method for temporal monitoring of microplastic sedimentation

The effects of microplastics on our health and the environment are being rigorously studied all across the world. Researchers are identifying microplastic sources and their potential routes to the environment by examining ...

Ecology Feb 11, 2021

New study reveals biodiversity important at regional scales

New research shows that biodiversity is important not just at the traditional scale of short-term plot experiments—in which ecologists monitor the health of a single meadow, forest grove, or pond after manipulating its ...

Plants & Animals Feb 11, 2021

Toward more fish-friendly hydropower plants

Over the course of the EU project FIThydro, research and industry partners studied the ecological impact of hydropower plants. ETH Zurich's Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology (VAW) has developed a protection ...

Ecology Feb 10, 2021

Links between pollution and cancer in wild animals: What can we learn?

The recent review, published in Environment International and led by the University of Tartu, summarizes the effect of aquatic pollution on cancer prevalence in wild animals with the help of more than 300 reviewed studies. ...

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