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Plants & Animals Apr 02, 2020

Scientists develop 'backpack' computers to track wild animals in hard-to-reach habitats

To truly understand an animal species is to observe its behavior and social networks in the wild. With new technology described today (April 2) in PLOS Biology, researchers are able to track tiny animals that divide their ...

Materials Science Mar 19, 2020

Scientists transform ultra-tough pollen into flexible material

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have found a way to turn pollen, one of the hardest materials in the plant kingdom, into a soft and flexible material, with the potential to serve ...

Nanophysics Mar 06, 2020

Nanoscale 4-D printing technique may speed development of new therapeutics

Researchers at the Advanced Science Research Center at The Graduate Center, CUNY (CUNY ASRC) and Northwestern University have created a 4-D printer capable of constructing patterned surfaces that recreate the complexity of ...

Materials Science Feb 04, 2020

High-tech printing may help eliminate painful shots

Painful hypodermic needles may not be needed in the future to give shots, inject drugs and get blood samples.

Biochemistry Jan 21, 2020

Scientists create 3-D printed parts that can kill bacteria

Researchers from the University of Sheffield have, for the first time, manufactured 3-D printed parts that show resistance to common bacteria. This could stop the spread of infections such as MRSA in hospitals and care homes, ...

Materials Science Feb 13, 2020

Printing tiny, high-precision objects in a matter of seconds

Researchers at EPFL have developed a new, high-precision method for 3-D-printing small, soft objects. The process, which takes less than 30 seconds from start to finish, has potential applications in a wide range of fields, ...

Materials Science Feb 04, 2020

First-of-its-kind hydrogel platform enables on-demand production of medicines, chemicals

A team of chemical engineers has developed a new way to produce medicines and chemicals on demand and preserve them using portable "biofactories" embedded in water-based gels called hydrogels. The approach could help people ...

Quantum Physics Feb 27, 2020

Particle accelerator technology could solve one of the most vexing problems in building quantum computers

Last year, researchers at Fermilab received over $3.5 million for projects that delve into the burgeoning field of quantum information science. Research funded by the grant runs the gamut, from building and modeling devices ...

Materials Science Mar 22, 2019

4-D-printed materials can be stiff as wood or soft as sponge

Imagine smart materials that can morph from being stiff as wood to as soft as a sponge—and also change shape.

Engineering Feb 08, 2018

Mathematics pushes innovation in 4-D printing

Recent advances in digital factory science make it possible to print more compliant objects across a wider range of length-scales than conventional engineering processes. A bottleneck for enabling the next technological progress ...

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