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Nanomaterials Jun 29, 2021

Scientists design 3D-grown material that could speed up production of new technologies for smart buildings and robotics

Crystallization is one of the most fundamental processes found in nature—and it's what gives minerals, gems, metals, and even proteins their structure.

Analytical Chemistry Jun 17, 2021

Thin, stretchable biosensors could make surgery safer

A research team from Los Alamos National Laboratory and Purdue University have developed bio-inks for biosensors that could help localize critical regions in tissues and organs during surgical operations.

Optics & Photonics May 13, 2021

Researchers 3D print complex micro-optics with improved imaging performance

In a new study, researchers have shown that 3D printing can be used to make highly precise and complex miniature lenses with sizes of just a few microns. The microlenses can be used to correct color distortion during imaging, ...

Optics & Photonics Jun 14, 2021

Researchers create switchable mirrors from liquid metal

Researchers have developed a way to dynamically switch the surface of liquidmetal between reflective and scattering states. This technology could one day be used to create electrically controllable mirrors or illumination ...

Archaeology May 10, 2021

Authentication and repatriation of a ceremonial shrunken head from the US to Ecuador

A ceremonial tsantsa—or shrunken head—was authenticated and repatriated to Ecuador in 2019, after it had been discovered amongst stored exhibits at Mercer University. The history of the artefact and the process of its ...

Optics & Photonics Jun 22, 2021

Using nanoscale 3D printing to create high-resolution light field prints

Wouldn't it be amazing if printed images can look three-dimensional (3D)? Unfortunately, conventional prints like photographs display two-dimensional (2D) images with a fixed appearance as they contain only intensity and ...

Space Exploration May 19, 2021

A solution to space junk: Satellites made of mushrooms?

According to the latest numbers from the ESA's Space Debris Office (SDO), there are roughly 6,900 artificial satellites in orbit. The situation is going to become exponentially crowded in the coming years, thanks to the many ...

Nanomaterials Nov 04, 2020

3-D print experts discover how to make tomorrow's technology using ink-jet printed graphene

The University of Nottingham has cracked the conundrum of how to use inks to 3-D-print novel electronic devices with useful properties, such as an ability to convert light into electricity.

Engineering Mar 04, 2019

Print your city? 3-D printing is revolutionizing urban futures

The Fabrication City concept puts manufacturing back in the hands of communities—using 3-D printers. It could have far-reaching implications for economic development, environmental sustainability, inclusion and other benefits. ...

Engineering Dec 01, 2017

3-D-printed minifactories: Researchers print 'living materials' with bacteria-loaded inks

There will soon be nothing that cannot be produced with 3D printing. However, the materials used for this process are still "dead matter" such as plastics or metals.

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