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Analytical Chemistry 7 hours ago

Chemists' HAT trick for greener chemical synthesis

Creating new chemical compounds, such as new drugs, is not as simple as assembling one of those models with colored balls and sticks you might have seen in a beginning chemistry class. No, it's often a complex process with ...

Environment May 24, 2022

How cities in the West have water amid drought

As drought and climate change tighten their grip on the American West, the sight of fountains, swimming pools, gardens and golf courses in cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Boise, and Albuquerque ...

Materials Science May 23, 2022

Glass and the energy reform: Sustainable production thanks to electricity?

2022 is the international year of glass. And yet many glass factories are struggling to survive. High energy costs and considerable CO2 emissions mean that glass production faces a challenging future. Researchers at FAU and ...

Materials Science May 23, 2022

Low-cost gel film can pluck drinking water from desert air

More than a third of the world's population lives in drylands, areas that experience significant water shortages. Scientists and engineers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a solution that could help people ...

Quantum Physics May 23, 2022

Custom 'headphones' boost atomic radio reception 100-fold

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have boosted the sensitivity of their atomic radio receiver a hundredfold by enclosing a small glass cylinder of cesium atoms inside what looks like ...

Environment May 19, 2022

Climate change is killing trees in Queensland's tropical rainforests

In recent years, the Great Barrier Reef off Australia's northeast coast has seen multiple events of mass coral bleaching as human-caused global warming has driven sustained high temperatures in the ocean.

Nanomaterials May 19, 2022

The small things make a big difference in the science of measurement

Scientists must make ever more sophisticated measurements as technology shrinks to the nanoscale and we face global challenges from the effects of climate change.

Environment May 17, 2022

Prioritizing environmental justice while capturing carbon from the air

Reaching carbon emission goals requires efforts on all fronts of carbon management: decreasing carbon emissions, capturing carbon, and storing carbon. Traditionally, cost and resource availability are leading factors that ...

Nanophysics May 17, 2022

New silicon nanowires can really take the heat

Scientists have demonstrated a new material that conducts heat 150% more efficiently than conventional materials used in advanced chip technologies. 

Plants & Animals May 17, 2022

Diseased dolphins at risk of starvation use muscles as energy source to survive

Diseased dolphin populations are using their muscles as an energy source to survive, a conservation study that analyzed their metabolism has found.

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