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Quantum Physics 18 hours ago

Quantum tech: Semiconductor 'flipped' to insulator above room temp

A semiconducting material that performed a quantum "flip" from a conductor to an insulator above room temperature has been developed at the University of Michigan. It potentially brings the world closer to a new generation ...

Environment 23 hours ago

2021 was one of the hottest years on record, and it could also be the coldest we'll ever see again

Well, it's official: 2021 was one of the planet's seven hottest years since records began, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) declared this week. The year was about 1.11℃ above pre-industrial levels—the seventh ...

Plants & Animals Jan 19, 2022

Scientists find previously unknown jumping behavior in insects

A team of researchers has discovered a jumping behavior that is entirely new to insect larvae, and there is evidence that it is occurring in a range of species—we just haven't noticed it before.

Materials Science Jan 19, 2022

Unexpected energy storage capability where water meets metal surfaces

Although interfaces between metals and water are the local areas where crucial processes of energy technologies such as water splitting occur, comparably little is known about their structure and changes during such processes. ...

Quantum Physics Jan 19, 2022

Gate set tomography: How physicists are revealing the inner workings of quantum computers

A precision diagnostic developed at the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories is emerging as a gold standard for detecting and describing problems inside quantum computing hardware.

Environment Jan 18, 2022

The long transition to environmental sustainability is already underway

While the transition from today's service and brain-based economy to an environmentally sustainable economy will take decades to complete, the change has already begun. The time scale of the change is important to understand. ...

Quantum Physics Jan 17, 2022

Superabsorption unlocks key to next-generation quantum batteries

Researchers at the University of Adelaide and their overseas partners have taken a key step in making quantum batteries a reality. They have successfully proved the concept of superabsorption, a crucial idea underpinning ...

Materials Science Jan 14, 2022

Overcoming a hurdle on the path to renewable-energy storage

If renewable energies are one day to replace fossil fuels, engineers need to find a way to store it reliably and on a large scale. One method that numerous researchers are currently studying involves storing the energy in ...

Plants & Animals Jan 13, 2022

Milk without the cow: Cellular agriculture could be the future of farming, but dairy farmers need help

A new wave of cow-less dairy is hitting the market. In the United States, Perfect Day is using genetically modified fungi to produce milk protein for ice cream at a commercial scale. And pre-commercial companies, like TurtleTree ...

Plants & Animals Jan 13, 2022

How deep-sea worms help keep natural gases on ice

It is well known that natural gas hydrates, crystalline lattices of hydrogen-bonded water molecules that encapsulate small hydrocarbon molecules, on the ocean floors constitute both a potential accelerator of climate change ...

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