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Does good attendance equal good grades?

Studies of classroom attendance patterns in undergraduate students have shown that attendance and performance go hand in hand—attending class is the key to reaping the rewards of academic achievement. However, many of these ...

dateJun 20, 2018 in Social Sciences
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Family ties make Faroese women Europe's top baby makers

Gunnhild Helmsdal's mailbox has six names printed on it and will soon add a seventh: having a big family is nothing unusual in the Faroe Islands where women have the most babies in Europe despite also having the highest rate ...

How emotions shape work life

Jochen Menges, an expert in organisational behaviour, thinks that emotions matter profoundly for employee performance and behaviour. His studies bring nuance to our understanding of how employees wish to feel at work.

Fake Facebook account reveals how we fall for fake news

A fictitious Facebook account set up by a team of researchers at the University of Nottingham to mirror the sort of news feed users might encounter on their own Facebook pages has highlighted the difficulties in combating ...

Why don't most people become radicalised?

To understand what leads people into violent extremism, scientists are turning the question on its head and asking why it is that most young people don't become radicalised.

Can watching pro sports on TV prevent crime?

The entertainment provided by televised sporting events has a significant effect on crime in Chicago, reducing the number of violent, property and drug crime reports by as much as 25 percent during the hours of a given game, ...

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