Social values vary across Canada

November 19, 2013 in Other Sciences / Social Sciences

Canada: true north, strong and free. But how strong are our beliefs? How free are our citizens? It depends where you live. According to a national survey led by researchers at Concordia University, the importance of providing assistance to those in need, and the importance of Aboriginal self-governance varies across the country.

A team of researchers from Concordia University recently partnered with the Trudeau Foundation and the Environics Institute for Survey Research to conduct a national poll* on responsible citizenship. The survey focused on two themes:

1. What is society's responsibility to address the social and economic welfare of those in need?

2. What is society's responsibility to address the aspirations of the country's Aboriginal peoples?

Providing assistance to those in need

Aboriginal self-governance

More information: Tenth Annual Trudeau Foundation Conference

Provided by Concordia University

"Social values vary across Canada" November 19, 2013