Asus shows off concept model of the semi-hybrid mobile device Padfone

June 1, 2011 by Katie Gatto in Technology / Consumer & Gadgets

( -- Asus has announced the creation of a new breed of semi-hybrid mobile device. The device, known as the Padfone is only in its concept stage. The company released photos of a mock up version of the device that shows off its biggest selling point, the ability nest your phone inside your tablet.

Well, more accurately, the ability to power the tablet PC with your cell phone. While the design has not yet been finalized the tablet will be paired with an Android-based phone. That phone nests into the tablet and powers the largest display. The tablet provides an up sized with a speaker. The word is that the final device will have a battery of its own, so that it does not suck up your phone's .

While several reviewers are already debating the usefulness of a device like this, with some thinking it will be a solid option in a gadget obsessed market and others deeming it a waste of end users money for limited functionality enhancements, the device is still likely to be produced.

The real benefit to this device may be that the phone and the tablet share a single . That would make owning one of these devices significantly cheaper in the long run, since one SIM means only having to pay for one data plan.

Currently, there is no word on when this device will go from its mock up stage to real world production. There has also been no word on how much this semi-hybrid would cost you in a retail setting.

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"Asus shows off concept model of the semi-hybrid mobile device Padfone" June 1, 2011