Industry researchers predict future of electronic devices

February 8, 2011 in Technology / Hi Tech & Innovation
In ten to 20 years, we will see the e-Sheet, a virtually indestructible e-device that will be as thin and as rollable as a rubber place mat. It will be full color and interactive, while requiring low power to operate since it will charge via sunlight and ambient room light. However, it will be so “tough” and only use wireless connection ports, such that you can leave it out over night in the rain. In fact, you’ll be able to wash it or drop it without damaging the thin, highly flexible casing. Credit: Noel Leon Gauthier, U. of Cincinnati

The just-released February issue of the Journal of the Society for Information Display contains the first-ever critical review of current and future prospects for electronic paper functions.

These technologies will bring us devices like:

The University of Cincinnati's Jason Heikenfeld, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and an internationally recognized researcher in the field of electrofluidics, is the lead author on the paper titled "A Critical Review of the Present and Future Prospects for Electronic Paper." Others contributing to the article are industry researcher Paul Drzaic of Drzaic Consulting Services; research scientist Jong-Souk (John) Yeo of Hewlett-Packard's Imaging and Printing Group; and research scientist Tim Koch, who currently manages Hewlett-Packard's effort to develop flexible electronics.


Based on this latest article and his ongoing research and development related to devices, UC's Heikenfeld provides the following top ten list of devices that consumers can expect both near term and in the next ten to 20 years.

Heikenfeld is part of an internationally prestigious UC team that specializes in research and development of e-devices.

Within ten to 20 years, we will see e-Devices with magazine-quality color, viewable in bright sunlight but requiring low power. “Think of this as the green iPad or e-Reader, combining high function and high color with low power requirements.” said Heikenfeld. Credit: Noel Leon Gauthier, U. of Cincinnati

Coming later this year:

Already in use but expansive adoption and breakthoughs imminent:
Coming within two years:
Coming within three to five years:
Within ten to 20 years:

Provided by University of Cincinnati

"Industry researchers predict future of electronic devices" February 8, 2011