Gadgets: ChargeHub, Imation Pro WX External HDD, Black OPS Gaming PC

March 11, 2010 By Gregg Ellman in Technology / Consumer & Gadgets

Multiple family members with multiple electronic gadgets result in multiple chargers. Teleadapt's solves the problem with the ChargeHub charging solution.

With it, users get a device that is compatible with over 2,000 devices from dozens of manufacturers.

Up to 12 devices can be charged at the same time, each using a short cord connected to a base. The other end of the cord has the tips to connect to the gadget needing the charge.

My household generally has a digital camera, BlackBerry, cell phone and an iPod charging at any given time. Now with the ChargeHub they are now are all confined to the same AC outlet resulting in much less of my counter space being consumed by charger wires.

Among the list of dozens of devices being compatible with the ChargeHub are , , LG, Motorola, Palm and Sony. For a complete list check the company's web site.

The base of the charger can be secured to a counter or desktop for a permanent installation.

Since there are multiple plugs for a variety of devices, the charger comes with a very handy sticker, listing the names of the device to be connected to each individual cord.

This also hides the screws to create a much cleaner and seamless look.

Details:, $100

Another solution to eliminate some cable clutter mess is the Imation Pro WX External Wireless USB 2.0 .

Connection to the 1.5TB drive is simple for both Mac and Windows users to send files from multiple computers needing to be stored.

The wireless connection is made with the included USB host adapter in a simple plug-and-play manner. This creates a secure one-to-one connection to access your data. Users can also connect it to a computer directly with the .

While this connection is wireless, it is not Wi-Fi. Thus using the drive requires a direct line of sight between the computer hosting the USB adapter and the hard drive.

Imation suggests using the drive within 10-feet but it can be used up to 25 feet as long as the line of sight is maintained between the devices.

While it's not the fastest in transferring data (15MB per second) the wireless convenience far outweighs that.

Users can expect to store about 300,000 photos or 750 hours of video, although this number can vary in either direction depending on the size of each file.

Other nice features include feet, which pop out from the sides to stand the drive upright and a capacity gauge on the front to show how much storage space is available.

Details:, $440

Digital Storm has launched a new gaming computer, the Black OPS Gaming PC.

It's built with an Intel i7 processor and ATI 5970 graphics card along with Digital Storm's Sub-Zero Liquid Cooling System.

The cooling system removes performance-inhibiting heat from the processor, video cards, and the motherboard's chipset.

Digital Storm has included the TwisterBoost Overclocking process, which optimizes and over clocks the system's processor, memory, and graphic cards. This helps ensure all components are completely stable.

As for warranty, users get the Digital Storm 3-year parts and labor coverage. This includes a lifetime of customer support.

Each unit also includes a Noise Suppression Package, which eliminates the transmission of sound emanating from the PC.

Details:, $3,102

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