Fujitsu's 'Laptop4Life' program gives you a new laptop every 3 years

December 1, 2008 by Lisa Zyga in Technology / Consumer & Gadgets
As part of Fujitsu´s Laptop4Life scheme, customers will receive a new laptop every three years until they die. Image credit: Fujitsu.

( -- Buy any LifeBook laptop from Fujitsu Siemens, and the company will provide you with a new laptop every three years until you die. The only requirements are that you need to buy a three-year extended warranty, you can only upgrade using Fujitsu parts, and you must turn in your laptop in good condition with the original receipt after three years.

As part of the scheme, Fujitsu will give LifeBook customers a new laptop of the same value as the one they originally bought, plus 10% to cover inflation. Most importantly, the new laptop will be equipped with updated hardware and software.

To participate, customers must register their new laptop within 21 days of purchase. Then, customers are part of the program for life, but they cannot pass on the deal in a will. Fujitsu is also limiting purchases to 10 laptops per person or business.

Although it seems like the company is giving away laptops, Fujitsu says that it will make money by selling other goods, services, and accessories to its lifetime customers. For instance, customers may want to invest in a Fujitsu insurance pack to protect their laptop against theft and accidental damage.

Fujitsu says that the Laptop4Life program underscores its high level of confidence in its technology.

More information: Fujitsu Siemens

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"Fujitsu's 'Laptop4Life' program gives you a new laptop every 3 years" December 1, 2008