Yale University was founded in 1701 and known originally as the Collegiate School. Yale University is known for its undergraduate school and graduate schools of Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and Yale Law School. The combined undergraduate and graduate student body tops 11,300 students. Yale has one of the largest endowments in the nation totally $17 billion and its graduate schools of engineering, physics, biology architecture, forestry and the environment are well respected among colleges and universities. Yale confers PhDs, Medical Doctorate degrees, Juris Doctorate and other professional degrees. Yale's new medical school has been awarded Leed Gold certification for its environmentally sustainable construction and features. Yale public affairs is friendly and provides media requests for their research and materials.

265 Church Street, Suite 901 New Haven, CT 06511, USA

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Study gives gecko ancestor a place of honor, and a new name

Yale paleontologists have identified a new fossil lizard, found in the western United States, which they say was an ancestor of modern geckos. And they gave it a name that honors the lead researcher's grandmother and great ...

Astronomers find 'tilted' planets even in pristine solar systems

Scientists have long puzzled over why all of the planets in Earth's solar system have slightly slanted orbits around the sun. But a new, Yale-led study suggests this phenomenon may not be so unusual after all. Even in "pristine" ...

Scientists reveal how RNA gets spliced correctly

To carry out all of life's functions, proteins must be produced from instructions carried by genes within DNA and delivered to the cell's protein-making machinery by messenger RNA.

The last turn of 'Ezekiel's Wheel' honors a fossil hunter

The mystery of Ezekiel's Wheel—the extinct sea creature, not the Biblical vision—may have taken its final turn, thanks to Yale paleontologists. In so doing, the researchers have also finally put a scientific name to the ...

New model helps researchers get a handle on unpredictable cells

In the process of embryonic development, cells take on intricate forms and functions. Patterns emerge from groups of cells, giving the biological tissues form, function, and integrity. It's a complex process that isn't well ...

Metaphors for human fertilization are evolving, study shows

In a common metaphor used to describe human fertilization, sperm cells are competitors racing to penetrate a passive egg. But as critics have noted, the description is also a "fairy tale," rooted in cultural beliefs about ...

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