The Weizmann Institute located in Rehovot, Israel is a post-graduate institution offering M.Sc and PhD degrees in mathematics, computer science, physics, bio-chemistry and other inter-disciplinary degrees. The Weizmann Institute attracts high-caliber graduate students and the faculty has been the recipient of various Wolf Prizes and a Turing Award.

234 Herzl Street, POB 26, Rehovot 7610001 Israel

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The meat, the muscle, and the motion of cell fusion

One day Prof. Eldad Tzahor peered into a microscope in his lab and saw steak. As part of Tzahor's research into repairing muscle tissue, Dr. Tamar Eigler, a postdoctoral fellow in his lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science, ...

Bacteria and plants fight alike

A brown blotch on a plant leaf may be a sign that the plant's defenses are hard at work: When a plant is infected by a virus, fungus or bacterium, its immune response keeps the disease from spreading by killing the infected ...

Calling through the 'DNA wire'

Proteins can communicate through DNA, conducting a long-distance dialog that serves as a kind of genetic "switch," according to Weizmann Institute of Science researchers. They found that the binding of proteins to one site ...

How bushfire smoke traveled around the world

It's not just how hot the fires burn—it's also where they burn that matters. During the recent extreme fire season in Australia, which began in 2019 and burned into 2020, millions of tons of smoke particles were released ...

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