Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has a rich, 115-year history of success in research, education and patient care.

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Making cancer cells more susceptible to dying

Radiation and chemotherapy are designed to kill cancer cells. But for many patients, cancer cells can survive even after being hit with high doses of chemotherapy or radiation. To make treatment more effective, scientists ...

Diabetes in mice cured rapidly using human stem cell strategy

Researchers have converted human stem cells into insulin-producing cells and demonstrated in mice infused with such cells that blood sugar levels can be controlled and diabetes functionally cured for nine months.

Scientists unravel mysteries of cells' whiplike extensions

Cilia, or flagella—whiplike appendages on cells—perform diverse tasks required to keep the body healthy. When cilia malfunction, the consequences can be devastating, causing a range of problems, from blindness, to lung ...

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