Designer's 3-D prosthesis makes waves

For his Master's research, Stuart focused on restoring balance for trans-tibial amputees while swimming—a solution that would improve accessibility and enjoyment, and make it easier for those with below-the-knee amputations ...

New insights into a Cook Islands 'brain drain'

Victoria University of Wellington student Lea Raymond is gaining new insights into a Cook Islands "brain drain", as part of her Master of Development Studies.

Troubled waters ahead for marine life

Research from Victoria University of Wellington is investigating how coastal marine species may struggle with Earth's increasingly intense storms.

Social and environmental change through "counter-accountings"

Organisations and activists behind social and environmental movements play an important role in keeping corporates in check, says PhD graduand Sendirella George. And their actions need to be viewed as credible forms of accounting ...

How munching Moa affected plant evolution

For his PhD in Ecology and Biodiversity, Patrick Kavanagh compared plant species on offshore islands to their close relatives on the mainland to assess differences in size and growth patterns.

Blue-green alga danger in rivers

Summer for most of us is a time to embrace the warmer weather, but it also provides the perfect growing conditions for a potentially lethal blue-green alga that's found in many New Zealand rivers, and which is the subject ...

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