The University of Warsaw (Polish: Uniwersytet Warszawski) is the largest university in Poland and one of the most prestigious, ranked by Perspektywy magazine as best Polish university in 2010 and 2011. Positioned byTimes Higher Education Supplement,QS World University Rankings and ARWU as the second-best Polish university among the world's top 500.

Warsaw, Poland

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Discovery may enable network interface for quantum computers

A team of scientists at the QOT Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies, including a student from the Faculty of Physics (University of Warsaw), made a device capable of the conversion of quantum information between microwave ...

Unraveling the hidden growth of mineral dendrites

An international research team involving scientists from the University of Vienna, the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw and University of Edinburgh has described the process of growing three-dimensional manganese ...

Research students turn Schrödinger's cat on its head

Students at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw (UW) and researchers from the QOT Center for Quantum Optical Technologies have developed an innovative method that allows the fractional Fourier Transform of ...

Defying gravity with the Brazil nut effect

Physicists from the University of Utrecht and the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw have observed—for the first time experimentally—the Brazil nut effect in a mixture of charged colloidal particles.

Physicists created a microlaser emitting two circular beams

Scientists from the University of Warsaw, the Military University of Technology and the University of Southampton presented a new type of tunable microlaser emitting two beams. "These beams are polarized circularly and directed ...

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