The University of Vaasa (Finnish: Vaasan yliopisto, Swedish: Vasa universitet) is a multidisciplinary, business-oriented university in Vaasa, Finland. The campus of the university is situated by the Gulf of Bothnia adjacent to downtown Vaasa. The university has evolved from a school of economics founded in 1968 to a university consisting of three faculties: Faculty of Business Studies, Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Technology. With its Faculty of Business Studies, also called the Vaasa School of Economics, University of Vaasa is one of the largest business universities in Finland. The university has 425 personnel which includes a teaching staff of 180 and 54 professors. Around 5000 students are currently studying in various degree programs at the university.


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Social media can be a lifesaver for new international ventures

The use of social media can be beneficial to international new ventures and help them to survive. A new study from the University of Vaasa, Finland, shows that newly established international firms and start-ups with limited ...

How our understanding of employee innovation is outdated

Do you feel that you are not good at innovating in the workplace? According to Maria Pajuoja's doctoral dissertation at the University of Vaasa, Finland, the reason for the feeling might be that the prevailing perception ...

Business intelligence acts as a precursor to strategy

Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics play a key role in strategy work. However, business intelligence is not just a data mass that supplements strategy or a self-evident prop, but, together with the predictions generated ...

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