University of Ulm

The Ulm University (German: Universit├Ąt Ulm) is a public university in the city of Ulm, in the South German state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The university was founded in 1967 and focuses on natural sciences, medicine, engineering sciences, mathematics, economics and computer science. With over 8,000 students, it is one of the smaller universities in Germany. Times Higher Education (THT) ranks it at no. 22 position among top 100 universities under the age of 50 years. It is regarded one of the best universities in the world in the field of Optoelectronics, RF Circuit Design, Microelectronics. It ranks among the top five universities in Germany for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It also frequently ranks as one of the top schools in natural sciences in domestic rankings. The campus of the university is located north of the city on a hill called Oberer Eselsberg, while the university hospital has additional sites across the city.

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