Climate change clues revealed by ice sheet collapse

The rapid decline of ancient ice sheets could help scientists predict the impact of modern-day climate and sea-level change, according to research by the universities of Stirling in Scotland and Tromsø in Norway.

Benefits of renting a home may be underrated

Renting rather than owning a home may not be as expensive as many people think, according to financial research from the University of Stirling.

Many underestimate financial loss due to poor arithmetic

Anyone who has lost out on an investment in recent weeks - from pension funds and stocks to the housing rental market and currency exchange - may have lost more than they realise, according to new research from the University ...

Discovery of stress-induced emotional fever in fish

Fish react emotionally to stress, indicating a degree of consciousness, a groundbreaking new study by scientists at the University of Stirling's Institute of Aquaculture has found.

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