The University of Seville (Universidad de Sevilla) is a university in Seville, Spain. Founded under the name of Colegio Santa María de Jesús in 1505, it has a present student body of over 65,000, and is one of the top-ranked universities in the country.


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New study explores the 'tsunami' in Venus's clouds

A group of scientists from the University of Seville, in collaboration with experts from the University of the Basque Country, has led the first detailed study of the evolution of the discontinuity of Venus's clouds, a gigantic ...

Elio Antonio de Nebrija: From academic icon to object of mockery

Professor Lola Pons, of the Department of Spanish Language, Linguistics and Literature at the University of Seville, has just published a study of a satirical work on marriage written in the 17th century by an anonymous author. ...

Describing the mechanism by which oxygen in the blood is detected

Hypoxia (oxygen deficiency), in addition to occurring in areas of considerable altitude, is a critical factor linked to various cardiopulmonary diseases of high morbidity and mortality in humans. The carotid body, a highly ...

Tomatoes of equal quality with less irrigation water

Researchers from the University of Seville have analyzed the impact of irrigation reduction on tomato crops. Their results show that deficit irrigation caused no significant changes in the commercial quality of the product ...

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