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Study suggests physical cause for cell death in dry preservation

A new finding in experiments studying the dry preservation of living cells—a potentially revolutionary alternative to cryopreservation - has defined a clear limit where continuing dehydration kills cells. The data, combined ...

Vulnerability found in some drug-resistant bacteria

Using a complex modeling program that helps analyze the physical dynamics of large, structurally complex protein molecules, a research team has made progress towards finding a weak spot in the architecture of a group of enzymes ...

Study reveals dynamics of microbes and nitrate

Human tampering with global carbon balances has received massive public attention because of its effects on global warming, but we pay less attention to another set of chemical processes we are similarly disrupting: human ...

Science follows from furry mysteries

Greg Gbur's new book from Yale University Press, "Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics," takes on a strange topic for a physicist—the mysteries of the cat.

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