Water quality: a matter of perspective

There are so many ways to assess water quality: if you fish, your idea of "good" water is whether it supports trout, bass or walleye; if you farm, there must be enough clean water to irrigate your crops; if you're a recreational ...

Reforestation plans in Africa could go awry

The state of mature ecosystems must be taken into account before launching massive reforestation plans in sub-Saharan Africa, according to geo-ecologist Julie Aleman, a visiting researcher in the geography department of Université ...

The male Y chromosome does more than we thought

New light is being shed on a little-known role of Y chromosome genes, specific to males, that could explain why men suffer differently than women from various diseases, including COVID-19.

Study sheds new light on cell migration

The 3-D structure of the ELMO / DOCK2 complex, an important molecular machine that plays a crucial role in cell migration in the body, is now better understood thanks to new research by scientists in Montreal and the United ...

Tracking cancer's immortality factor

Canadian scientists have achieved a first in the study of telomerase, an essential enzyme implicated in aging and cancer.

An artificial 'tongue' of gold to taste maple syrup

It's said that maple syrup is Quebec's liquid gold. Now scientists at Université de Montréal have found a way to use real gold—in the form of nanoparticles—to quickly find out how the syrup tastes.

Coronavirus: Tracking the enemy down—to its genes

As the COVID-19 crisis deepens worldwide, a team of Montreal researchers in bioinformatics is using artificial intelligence to trace the genetic profile of the coronavirus responsible for the pandemic.

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