Investigating the wildlife market on the dark web

An Australian research team investigating the trade in wild animals and plants on the dark web scanned about 2 million ads over five years and found nearly 3,500 were for wildlife. In all, over 150 species were for sale, ...

Astronomers scrutinize scorching-hot exoplanet

An international team led by Stefan Pelletier, a Ph.D. student at Université de Montréal's Trottier Institute for Research on Exoplanets have made a detailed study of the extremely hot giant exoplanet WASP-76 b.

Researchers use AI to explore potential zoonotic diseases

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of closely monitoring viruses that could infect humans. In the early stages of the pandemic, Timothée Poisot and his colleagues were already developing an algorithm for predicting ...

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