The University of Alberta is a public university established in 1908 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The student body is approximately 36,000 comprised of full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. The university offers 110 master's degrees and 60+ doctoral degrees in 300 research areas. The Research Institute is noted for its work on solar energy, cultural diversity factors, nanotechnology and a host of innovative cross/discipline discoveries.

Public Affairs, 6th Floor, General Services Building University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2H1

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Do forest trees really 'talk' through underground fungi?

.The idea that forest trees can "talk" to each other, share resources with their seedlings—and even protect them—through a connective underground web of delicate fungal filaments tickles the imagination.

Scientists discover fault system in southeastern Nepal

A newly identified fault system in southeastern Nepal has the potential to cause earthquakes in a densely populated area, according to two University of Alberta scientists who were part of an international team that made ...

Scientists develop tool to sequence circular DNA

A new tool invented by University of Alberta biologists to sequence circular DNA will provide scientists with richer, more accurate data that could help advance research on viruses, agriculture and perhaps even cancer.

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