The University of Alabama (UAB) is one of the newest independent institutions of the three which makes up the University of Alabama System. UAB was established in 1969 and known for its medical research and natural science programs. UAB has over 16,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree students. UAB programs leading to a medical degree, veterinary degree, optometry and nursing degree are ranked well among comparable public universities.

UAB Media Relations AB 1320, 1530 3rd AVE S BIRMINGHAM, AL 35294-0113

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Distributor whistleblowing may help mitigate rising inflation

COVID-19 affected the global supply chain substantially, severely compromising the efficiency of the supply chain due to delays and disruptions. The effects continue to impact consumers and businesses, primarily in terms ...

Engineering team develops process to make implants safer

An interdisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have developed a new plasma-enabled process that could limit the proliferation of toxins from implants into a patient's bloodstream. The ...

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