UPMC represents French excellence in science and medicine. As a direct descendant of the historic Sorbonne, UPMC is the top French university by the Shanghai world rankings, 6th in Europe and 35th in the world. UPMC encompasses all major sciences, including mathematics (4th in the world); chemistry; physics; electronics; computer science; mechanics; Earth, marine and environmental sciences; life sciences; and medicine. With 8,300 publications per year (approximately 11% of the national production), UPMC is a major player in the international knowledge and innovation economy, as shown by its many international awards. The University has more than 3,750 professor-researchers and researchers in 100 laboratories in partnership with the four main French national research organizations. As part of the Sorbonne University group, UPMC research also includes technology, economics, humanities and the arts through its other Sorbonne members. Its research is at the intersection of numerous domains and transversal themes.


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Physicists stop and store light traveling in an optical fiber

Researchers at the Kastler Brossel Laboratory in Paris have managed to store light that propagates in an optical fiber and to release it later on demand. By causing interaction between the traveling light and a few thousand ...

Physicists create nanoscale mirror with only 2000 atoms

Mirrors are the simplest means to manipulate light propagation. Usually, a mirror is a macroscopic object composed of a very large number of atoms. In the September 23th issue of the Physical Review Letters, Prof. Julien ...