Tokyo University of Science, formerly "Science University of Tokyo" or TUS, informally Rikadai or simply Ridai is a private research university located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.


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Evaluating the shear viscosity of different water models

Water is one of the most abundant substances on Earth and partakes in countless biological, chemical, and ecological processes. Thus, understanding its behavior and properties is essential in a wide variety of scientific ...

Newly discovered fungus helps destroy a harmful food toxin

Patulin (C7H6O4), a mycotoxin produced by several types of fungi, is toxic to a variety of life forms, including humans, mammals, plants, and microorganisms. In particular, environments lacking proper hygienic measures during ...

Sweat it out: Novel wearable biosensor monitors sweat electrolytes

Wearable sensors are becoming a promising tool in personalized health care and exercise monitoring. In a recent study, researchers from Japan have developed a novel wearable chemical sensor capable of measuring the concentration ...

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