Tilburg University (TiU) is a research university, specializing in the social and behavioral sciences, economics, law, business sciences, theology and humanities, located in Tilburg in the southern part of the Netherlands. Tilburg University has a student population of about 13,000 students, about 8 per cent of whom are international students. This percentage has steadily increased over the past years. TiU offers both Dutch-taught and English-taught programs. The institution has gained a reputation in both research and education. In the field of economics, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration ranked #1 in Europe for the second consecutive time in 2007 according to the Journal of the European Economic Association with regard to publications in top journals. In 2007 the Executive MBA program at the university's TiasNimbas Business School ranked # 11 in the world according to the Financial Times. In the field of law, Tilburg University was ranked #1 in the Netherlands for the last three years according to Elsevier Magazine.

Warandelaan 2, Tilburg, Netherlands

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