The State University of New York of Environmental Science and Forestry, commonly referred to as SUNY-ESF was created through a special state legislative Act in 1911. SUNY-ESF is devoted to the understanding, research and doctoral programs in natural resources related fields. SUNY-ESF is located in the Syracuse, New York region and is noted for its forestry, wildlife, natural resources academic excellence. SUNY-ESF is consistently ranked very high by rating panels. SUNY-ESF has various satellite campuses devoted to specialized areas of natural resources.

122 Bray Hall SUNY-ESF 1 Forestry Drive Syracuse, NY 13210

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Climate change redistributes global water resources

Rising temperatures worldwide are changing not only weather systems, but—just as importantly—the distribution of water around the globe, according to a study published today (March 14, 2016) in the journal, Scientific ...

Scientists announce top 10 new species for 2014 (w/ Video)

An appealing carnivorous mammal, a 12-meter-tall tree that has been hiding in plain sight and a sea anemone that lives under an Antarctic glacier are among the species identified by the SUNY College of Environmental Science ...

ESF lists Top 10 new species for 2017

A spider and an ant whose names are drawn from references in popular modern-day literature, a brilliant pink katydid and an omnivorous rat are among the discoveries identified by the College of Environmental Science and Forestry ...

New species of giant Amazonian fish reported

( —A new species of the giant fish arapaima has been discovered from the central Amazon in Brazil, raising questions about what other species remain to be discovered and highlighting the potential for ecological ...

Blight-resistant American chestnut trees take root at SUNY-ESF

Scientists at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) are growing the first American chestnut trees that can withstand the blight that virtually eliminated the once-dominant tree from the eastern United ...

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