SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research develops instruments for spacecraft and conducts research in astronomy and earth science. SRON is the main institute for Dutch contributions to the scientific payload of missions in the mandatory ESA Science Programme. As national expertise institute of The Netherlands, SRON gives counsel to the Dutch government and coordinates - from a science standpoint - national contributions to international space missions.

Sorbonnelaan 2 3584 CA Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Black holes eat stars in variable mood lighting

When a black hole chews up a star, it produces visible light or X-rays, but astronomers have almost never detected both types of radiation. Astronomer Peter Jonker (SRON / Radboud University) and his colleagues have now spotted ...

Conceptual design ready for PLATO telescope simulator

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research designs and builds a space simulator to test and calibrate eight out of twenty-six cameras for ESA's next exoplanet hunter telescope, PLATO. The conceptual design is now complete. ...

New catalogue of 12,000 X-ray spectral lines

X-ray sources in the sky radiate "bar codes" revealing their properties. These bar codes consist of narrow peaks and troughs within the source's spectrum. The RGS instrument on the satellite XMM-Newton was built to find these ...

Jets and winds from galaxy cores appear to share a common cause

Astronomers have a rough understanding of how galaxies emit jets from their cores. Galaxy cores also blow out winds of ionized gas, for which researchers lack a general explanation. SRON astronomers have now found a correlation ...

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