SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research develops instruments for spacecraft and conducts research in astronomy and earth science. SRON is the main institute for Dutch contributions to the scientific payload of missions in the mandatory ESA Science Programme. As national expertise institute of The Netherlands, SRON gives counsel to the Dutch government and coordinates - from a science standpoint - national contributions to international space missions.

Sorbonnelaan 2 3584 CA Utrecht, The Netherlands

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New type of bolometer detector for far-infrared telescopes

To study how stars and planets are born we have to look at star cradles hidden in cool clouds of dust. Far-infrared telescopes are able to pierce through those clouds. Conventionally, niobium nitride bolometers are used as ...

Far-infrared detector KID reaches highest possible sensitivity

Astronomy has a blind spot in the area of far-infrared radiation compared to most other wavelengths. A far-infrared space telescope can only utilize its full sensitivity with an actively cooled mirror at temperatures below ...

Aerosol instrument SPEXone mounted on NASA's climate satellite

Over the past few weeks, a group of engineers from SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, Airbus Netherlands and NASA has been working on installing the Dutch aerosol instrument SPEXone on NASA's PACE satellite. PACE ...

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