SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research develops instruments for spacecraft and conducts research in astronomy and earth science. SRON is the main institute for Dutch contributions to the scientific payload of missions in the mandatory ESA Science Programme. As national expertise institute of The Netherlands, SRON gives counsel to the Dutch government and coordinates - from a science standpoint - national contributions to international space missions.

Sorbonnelaan 2 3584 CA Utrecht, The Netherlands

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MKID detectors turn out to have 100 times lower noise

Scientists use superconducting detectors (MKIDs) to discern the spectrum of exoplanets from their faint glow. Now, researchers from SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research and TU Delft have observed 100 times lower ...

Simultaneous TES readout at level of Athena-like telescopes

Scientists at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research have simultaneously read out the signal of 37 TES pixels at a resolution of 2.2 eV for X-rays (6 keV). It is the first time that a simultaneous readout fulfills ...

Lack of massive black holes in telescope data is caused by bias

Our telescopes have never detected a black hole more massive than 20 times the mass of the sun. Nevertheless, we now know of their existence as dozens of those black holes have recently been "heard" to merge via gravitational ...

Breaking the supposed accuracy limit for TES detectors

Scientists at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research are developing a detection technique (TES) that measures the energy of individual photons, for example in X-rays from the distant universe. Until now, it was assumed ...

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