The Singapore Management University (Abbreviation: SMU) is an autonomous university in Singapore. The university provides an American-style education modelled after the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. SMU was established on 12 January 2000 and is located in the downtown area of Singapore.


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Keeping fit to curb workplace deviance

If you feel that work is wearing you down, you are not alone. The economic value that modern organizations strive to create comes at a human cost to employees in terms of reduced physical fitness.

Framing nationalism in former colonies

Conquest, subjugation and plunder are words that spring to mind when we consider colonization. George Orwell, who spent time during the 1920s as a policeman for the British occupiers in what was then Burma, described colonization ...

Predicting an end to your relationship

Breaking up, making up, or waking up to the fact that your partner is thinking about leaving you have long been grist for songwriters, but the ups and downs of romantic relationships have also fueled psychology research.

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