'Teapot' nova begins to wane

A star, or nova, has appeared in the constellation of Sagittarius and, even though it is now waning, it is still bright enough to be visible in the sky over Perth through binoculars or a telescope.

More advances toward autonomous cars

Having your car drive itself to wherever you want to go—a concept immortalised in Minority Report or Total Recall—is one step closer with local researchers about to install lane changing capabilities in a self-driving ...

Radio galaxy discovery near Earth spurs more questions

Western Australia astronomers have discovered a radio galaxy near Earth by accident. The previously unknown radio galaxy is considered quite close to Earth, and was discovered late last year.

Rare tidal movements expose Kimberley dinosaur tracks

While audiences in Perth attend Walking with Dinosaurs this weekend palaeontologists working near Broome will be documenting the extinct vertebrates' extensive fossilised footsteps using laser scanning technology.

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