Optica (originally established as The Optical Society of America, OSA) is a scientific society dedicated to advancing the study of light—optics and photonics—in theory and application, by means of publishing, organizing conferences and exhibitions, partnership with industry, and education. The organization has members in more than 100 countries. As of 2018, the OSA had over 21,000 individual members and more than 265 corporate member companies.

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Ultra-thin film creates vivid 3D images with large field of view

Researchers have developed a new ultra-thin film that can create detailed 3D images viewable under normal illumination without any special reading devices. The images appear to float on top of the film and exhibit smooth ...

Researchers take optical coherence tomography to the next level

Researchers have developed an enhanced version of optical coherence tomography (OCT) that can image biomedical samples at higher contrast and resolution over a wider 3D field of view than was previously possible. The new ...

Researchers create flat magic window with liquid crystals

For the first time, researchers have used liquid crystals to create a flat magic window—a transparent device that produces a hidden image when light shines on it. The technology represents a new twist on a very old light ...

Researchers demonstrate label-free super-resolution microscopy

Researchers have developed a new measurement and imaging approach that can resolve nanostructures smaller than the diffraction limit of light without requiring any dyes or labels. The work represents an important advance ...

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