The National Sleep Foundation, (NSF) was established in 1990 and headquartered in Washington D.C. The foundation supports research on the effect of sleep deprivation and its role on human health, medical conditions affecting sleep, children sleep issues and more. NSF provides seminars, publications and referral sources for patients. NSF is an advocate for funding of sleep disorder research.

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The Abyss: Deepest Part of the Oceans No Longer Hidden

( -- The Abyss is a dark, deep place, but it's no longer hidden. At least when Nereus is on the scene. Nereus is a new type of deep-sea robotic vehicle, called a hybrid remotely operated vehicle (HROV).

Jellyfish: Far from Passive Drifters-in-the-Currents

( -- If you were to snorkel just before dawn at the popular tropical Pacific destination Jellyfish Lake, you'd have lots of company: millions of golden jellyfish, known to scientists as Mastigias papua, mill around ...