National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) / MEPhI) is one of the most recognized technical universities in Russia. MEPhI was founded in 1942 as the Moscow Mechanical Institute of Munitions but it was soon renamed the Moscow Mechanical Institute. Its original mission was to train skilled personnel for the Soviet military and atomic programs. It was renamed the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in 1953, which was its name until 2009.

15409, Russia, Moscow, Kashirskoe shosse, 31

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Light that kills bacteria: Alternative to antibiotics

The World Health Organisation is convinced that one of the greatest threats to humanity is the rapidly growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics due to their uncontrolled use. One Russian scientific project, the physical ...

Scientists manipulate the properties of quantum dots

Scientists at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (MEPhI) have demonstrated an increase in the intensity and emission rate of quantum dots. According to the authors of the study, the development could help to solve ...

Scientists unravel the mystery of volcanic eruptions

Russian and Italian scientists have recently come closer to understanding volcanic eruptions by studying Monte Nuovo near Naples as a basis. Lava, the molten rock that forms and then solidifies on the Earth's surface, contains ...

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