Located in the well-endowed historic and cultural city of Nanjing, Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) is a national key institution of higher learning, directly affiliated to the Chinese Ministry of Education. Famously known for its established disciplines in agriculture and life sciences, NAU also offers balanced, comprehensive programs in diverse branches of learning, including sciences, economics, management, engineering, humanities and law. NAU is a university covered by the 211 Program and has been selected as one of the Innovation Platforms for Outstanding Disciplines listed under the National 985 Excellence Initiative Project as well as one of the institutions of higher education chosen to develop world-class disciplines under China’s Double First-class University Project.

1 WeiGang Road Nanjing JiangSu Province 210095 China

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Enhancing rice biomass estimation with UAV-based models

Aboveground biomass (AGB) of rice, vital for carbon pool and yield estimation, is traditionally measured through labor-intensive manual sampling. Recent advancements employ remote sensing, particularly unmanned aerial vehicles ...

Chinese team completes the genome assembly of Cornus wilsoniana

Cornus wilsoniana (2n=22) is a common shrub in the northern temperate zone of China. It blooms white flowers in spring and produces purple-black berries in autumn. This tree has a unique mottled bark texture that makes it ...

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