The Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche is a quality, public university, also active, participatory and multidisciplinary. It stands out in the fields of Health Sciences, Psychology, Physical Sciences and Engineering and Technology. According to the British THE ranking, it is among the 10 best universities in Spain. The UMH has four campuses in Elche, Orihuela, Sant Joan d'Alacant and Altea, which house 25 departments, 4 schools, 4 institutes and 11 research centers. It offers 28 degrees, 50 official master’s degrees and 13 doctoral programs with a total of 17,600 students. The UMH is a university oriented to the professional development of its students and to facilitate their insertion in the labor world. Each academic year, the Occupational Observatory of the UMH manages about 12,000 internships. According to the 2018 U-Ranking of the BBVA Foundation and the IVIE, the UMH is above the average of Spanish universities in the areas of Research and Innovation and Technological Development, holding a third position among all Spanish universities. Thanks to a special effort in scientific research results transferring, the UMH has generated more than 140 technology-based companies from its Scientific Park. Likewise, it has reached the highest score in the quality index of the transfer, prepared by the Knowledge and Development Foundation (Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo). Also, it stands out in terms of productivity, impact and technological production, according to the report “IUNE 2018: Research activity of Spanish universities”. The UMH occupies the seventh position of the ranking of universities with the highest number of publications per professor with an index of 1.38.

Avda de la Universidad S/N Elche, Alicante (Spain)

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