The mission of the Materials Research Laboratory is to support the broad materials science and engineering community at MIT, to enable disciplinary and interdisciplinary research of benefit to society, to develop and sustain effective educational and societal outreach programs, and to engage with industry.

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Physicists engineer new property out of 'white' graphene

Ultrathin materials made of a single layer of atoms have riveted scientists' attention since the discovery of the first such material—graphene—about 17 years ago. Among other advances since then, researchers including ...

Physicists uncover secrets of world's thinnest superconductor

Physicists from across three continents report the first experimental evidence to explain the unusual electronic behavior behind the world's thinnest superconductor, a material with myriad applications because it conducts ...

Team creates map for production of eco-friendly metals

In work that could usher in more efficient, eco-friendly processes for the production of important metals like lithium, iron and cobalt, researchers from MIT and SLAC have mapped what is happening at the atomic level behind ...

Physicists manipulate magnetism with light

With the help of a "playground" they created for observing exotic physics, MIT scientists and colleagues have not only found a new way to manipulate magnetism in a material with light but have also realized a rare form of ...

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