The Leiden Institute of Physics (LION) is the Physics department of Leiden University, The Netherlands. It is comprised of 40 research groups divided over three research sections: Biological and Soft Matter Physics, Quantum Matter and Optics, and Theoretical Physics. Two physicists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics whilst working at LION. Heike Kamerlingh Onnes (1913) researched material behaviour at ultra-low temperatures and discovered liquid helium, and Hendrik Lorentz (1902) played a major role in the development of Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity. The most prestigious Dutch science award, the NWO Spinozapremie, has been awarded three times to a professor at LION. Carlo Beenakker (1999), Jan Zaanen (2006) and Dirk Bouwmeester (2014) received the highest honour in Dutch science.

Niels Bohrweg 2 2333 CA Leiden, The Netherlands

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Major US pipeline targeted in cyber attack

The largest fuel pipeline system in the United States was forced to shut down its entire network after a cyber attack, the company said in a statement.

Variant accelerating India's COVID explosion: WHO top scientist

A COVID-19 variant spreading in India is more contagious and may be dodging vaccine protections, contributing to the country's explosive outbreak, the World Health Organization's chief scientist said Saturday.

Merkel urges US to export COVID vaccines

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday urged the United States to export coronavirus vaccines made on its soil, as she rejected a patent waiver call from Washington for the jabs.

As US reopens, campuses tighten restrictions for virus

About a year into mask mandates, nasal swabs and remote classes, the atmosphere turned tense at the University of Vermont as the school cracked down on rules for social distancing and face coverings amid a spike in student ...

EU says US stand on patent virus waiver is no 'magic bullet'

European Union leaders cranked up their criticism of the U.S. call to waive COVID-19 vaccine patents Saturday, arguing the move would yield no short-term or intermediate improvement in vaccine supplies and could even have ...

Ingenuity Mars helicopter completes first one-way trip

NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter completed its fifth flight on the Red Planet today with its first one-way journey from Wright Brothers Field to an airfield 423 feet (129 meters) to the south. After arrival above its new ...

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