KTH in Stockholm is the largest, oldest and most international technical university in Sweden. No less than one-third of Sweden's technical research and engineering education capacity at university level is provided by KTH. Education and research spans from natural sciences to all the branches of engineering and includes architecture, industrial management and urban planning. The educational programmes lead to Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees in engineering, science, or architecture. There are a total of almost 14,000 undergraduate students and more than 1,700 active postgraduate students. KTH has just over 4,600 employees.

Valhallavägen 79, Stockholm, Scandinavia, Sweden SE-100 44

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Researcher 3D prints world's smallest wineglass with new method

Researchers have 3D-printed the world's smallest wine glass with a rim smaller than the width of a human hair. But the idea wasn't to cater to extremely light drinkers. Rather, the glass was printed to demonstrate a new simplified ...

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