John Hopkins University (JHU or Hopkins) was founded in 1876 as a private research university. Today Hopkins has campuses in Maryland, Washington D.C., Italy and China. The school of medicine, public health, music and international studies are noted as exemplary among their peers. Hopkins was the first American university to adopt the German model developed by von Humboldt and Schleiermacher emphasizing research through seminars and labs. Hopkins is rated as number 1 in research and development by the National Science foundation. Hopkins publishes Art & Science Magazine, The Gazette, John Hopkins Magazine, Hopkins Medical News, Nursing Magazine, Peabody Magazine and maintains the John Hopkins University Web site. Press inquiries are welcome.

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How cells zip through the stickiest mucus

A team led by Johns Hopkins University engineers figured out how and why human cells move much faster through thick mucus than thinner varieties. People sick with certain diseases, including asthma and COVID-19, secrete mucus ...

Study finds happiness in multiracial neighborhoods

A strong majority of people in the most diverse communities near Washington, D.C., say they're happy with where they live, according to a new study of race and neighborhood satisfaction.

How red flag laws reduce risk of gun violence

When it comes to gun control measures, temporarily restricting access to firearms for people at a high risk for committing violence is one way to reduce harm. In many states, however, there are only limited legal options ...

NASA mission aims to study ice and water on the moon's surface

In the fall of 2023, a U.S. rover will land at the south pole of the moon. Its mission: to explore the water ice that scientists know lurks within the lunar shadows, and which they believe could help sustain humans who may ...

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