Ithaca College was established in 1892 as a private music conservatory in the serene area of Ithaca, New York. Today, Ithaca College has a mixture of communications, music, science, health and liberal arts programs. Ithaca College offers summer programs and other programs at its campus in London. Ithaca College has approximately 6500 students enrolled at the undergraduate and graduate level.

219 Alumni Hall, Ithaca, NY 14850-7044

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Laser technology reveals secrets of ancient Maya civilization

The steamy jungles of northern Guatemala don't reveal secrets easily. For centuries, the overgrown landscape has protected most of the remains of the Maya who once tamed it—yielding slowly to modern scientists seeking to ...

Study suggests ways to encourage homeowners to save energy

As winter temperatures plummet into the single digits, plenty of homeowners wish they could keep their home energy costs down—and help the environment to boot!—but often fail to take action. A new study led by Kathryn ...

Supertasters a super opportunity for advertisers

For food and beverage advertisers, understanding consumer taste preferences is critical. New research is shedding more light on what drives the preferences of one group, known as supertasters. This research may allow advertisers ...

Do women place less importance on their careers than men?

There is a pre-existing assumption that women place less importance on their careers than men. A new study by an Ithaca College professor challenges this assumption by evaluating how much men and women consider their careers ...

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