ICIQ is committed to performing excellent research at the frontier of knowledge in two main areas: Catalysis and Renewable Energy. The institute also has two other commitments: knowledge and technology transfer to the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy industrial sectors and that of training the future generation of scientists by offering high-quality educational programmes to master and PhD students and postdoctoral researchers as well. Our mission is to lead, from the vantage point of molecular science, cross-strategies for solving major social and economic challenges, such as climate change and sustainable supply of energetic and raw materials, thereby contributing to the establishment of a knowledge-based economy and improving quality of life for all.

Avda. Països Catalans, 16 43007 Tarragona

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Rethinking old reaction mechanisms to obtain drug-type molecules

Nitrogen is an important and abundant element on Earth. In fact, nitrogen in the gas state is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere. This element is in our body as part of our DNA and in the center of hemoglobin. But nitrogen ...

Isolating an elusive missing link

The water oxidation reaction (WOR) is one of the most important reactions on the planet since it is the source of nearly all the atmosphere's oxygen. Understanding its intricacies can hold the key to improve the efficiency ...

The expanding possibilities of bio-based polymers

Finding innovative and sustainable solutions to our material needs is one of the core objectives of green chemistry. The myriad plastics that envelop our daily life—from mattresses to food and cars—are mostly made from ...

Understanding catalytic couplings: not all synergies are simple

Negishi cross-coupling reactions have been widely used to form C-C bonds since the 1970s and are often perceived as the result of two metals, zinc and palladium/nickel, working in synergy. But like all relationships, there ...

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