IMDEA Nanociencia is the Madrid's Institute for Advanced Studies in Nanoscience, an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to the exploration of basic nanoscience and the development of applications of nanotechnology in connection with innovative industries. IMDEA Nanociencia is a non-profit foundation, funded by the Regional Government of Madrid and the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. The institute is located in the campus of Autonoma University in Madrid, Spain.

Faraday Str. 9, 28049 Madrid Spain

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Nanoimaging the intracellular space to aid drug development

Chemotherapeutics are key players in the clinical setting to fight most types of cancer, and novel chemicals could facilitate new and unique intracellular interactions that modulate the cell machinery and destroy the tumor ...

Flexible, transparent and cost-effective lasers

The interest in plastic electronics and photonics has experienced a significant increase in the last decades due to the exceptional optical, semiconducting and mechanical properties of these materials. Plastic electronics, ...

Fighting counterfeit with carbon nanotubes

The ubiquity of electronic devices makes it essential to use encryption and anti-counterfeiting tools to protect the privacy and security of users. With the growing expansion of the Internet of Things, protection against ...