IMDEA Nanociencia is the Madrid's Institute for Advanced Studies in Nanoscience, an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to the exploration of basic nanoscience and the development of applications of nanotechnology in connection with innovative industries. IMDEA Nanociencia is a non-profit foundation, funded by the Regional Government of Madrid and the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. The institute is located in the campus of Autonoma University in Madrid, Spain.

Faraday Str. 9, 28049 Madrid Spain

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The right twist and strain for graphene to form 1D moirés

Researchers at IMDEA Nanociencia have developed an analytical method to explain the formation of a quasi-perfect 1D moiré pattern in twisted bilayer graphene. The pattern, naturally occurring in piled 2D materials when a ...

Filming the thermal death of electrons in matter

It is well known that an electric current increases the temperature of the material through which it is conducted due to the so-called Joule effect. This effect, which is used daily in domestic and industrial heaters, hair ...

Osmium activation in cancer cells

Cancer is a complex disease, and as such, there is no single way to tackle it. While cancer treatments are evolving toward personalized procedures, in most cases, standard chemotherapy treatments are still required. In chemotherapy, ...

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