Hokkaido University, or Hokudai, is one of the national universities of Japan. It is a member of the National Seven Universities, which were established as the best national higher education or research institute. It is located in downtown Sapporo, just north of Sapporo Station, and stretching approximately 2.4 kilometers northward. It is considered as one of the top universities in Japan.


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Hitting rewind to predict multi-step chemical reactions

Researchers have overcome computational limitations to predict the starting materials of multi-step reactions using only information about the target product molecule. Their study is published in JACS Au.

Deep-sea osmolyte finds applications in molecular machines

Kinesin and microtubules (MTs) are major components of cytoskeleton in cells of living organisms. Kinesin and microtubules together play crucial roles in a wide range of cellular functions, most significantly intracellular ...

Simulations explain Greenland's slower summer warming

A puzzling, decade-long slowdown in summer warming across Greenland has been explained by researchers at Hokkaido University in Japan. Their observational analysis and computer simulations revealed that changes in sea surface ...

Argon found in air of ancient atmosphere

On the massive sheets of ice that stretch across Greenland and Antarctica, the temperature is so low that not even the summer sun can melt the snow deposited onto them. As the snow accumulates without melting and settles ...

Greenland ice sheet may halve in volume by year 3000

As a result of global warming in the 21st century, the Greenland ice sheet may contribute several meters to sea-level rise in the centuries to come; however, effective climate change mitigation measures will greatly reduce ...

Chemical reaction design goes virtual

Researchers at the Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery and Hokkaido University have developed a virtual ligand-assisted (VLA) screening method that could drastically reduce the amount of trial and error required ...

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