Harvard Medical School, (HMS) was founded in 1782. Today, HMS is a hub of medical research, patient care, physician and nurses training and education network. The faculty includes 10,884 professors/researchers and physicians, including 30 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators and 87 National Academy of Sciences members. HMS is highly selective in student selection. Annually over 5,000 applications are submitted for MD first year slots and less than 200 are accepted. The total student body includes dental students, PhD health programs and a variety of combination degrees.

25 Shattuck Street Boston, MA 02115

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How dormant bacteria come back to life

Solving a riddle that has confounded biologists since bacterial spores—inert, sleeping bacteria— were first described more than 150 years ago, researchers at Harvard Medical School have discovered a new kind of cellular ...

Can AI transform the way we discover new drugs?

The world's aging population, the growing burden of chronic and infectious diseases, and the emergence of novel pathogens have made the need for new treatments more urgent than ever. Yet, discovering a new drug and bringing ...

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