Breakthrough points to new drugs from nature

Researchers at Griffith University's Eskitis Institute have developed a new technique for discovering natural compounds which could form the basis of novel therapeutic drugs.

Team combats human parainfluenza virus

Gold Coast research has made a giant leap forward in understanding one of the most common causes of respiratory infections worldwide.

Drug research enhanced by fragment screening libraries

Generation of fragment screening libraries could enhance the analysis and application of natural products for medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, according to Griffith University's Professor Ronald Quinn.

Electron caught in the act

Australia's fastest camera has revealed the time it takes for molecules to break apart.

Cold is the best way to catch crabs

Fishermen have been thrown a line with new Griffith University research that has found they can catch more spanner crab in cooler waters.

Into the mix: Harnessing the energy when freshwater meets the sea

Harnessing the energy created from salinity gradients—for example, when freshwater meets the sea—could provide a renewable source of power able to mitigate climate change impacts, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and improve ...

Toxin targets discovered

Research that provides a new understanding of how bacterial toxins target human cells is set to have major implications for the development of novel drugs and treatment strategies.

Paperbark tree to unlock climate change

Synonymous with the Australian landscape, the paperbark tree is most recognised for its distinctive bark, but it is the leaves that have found themselves at the centre of research which could provide crucial insights into ...

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