Gifted dogs found to be more playful

A new study just published in Animal Cognition reveals that the rare dogs that are gifted in learning object verbal labels—the names of their toys—are more playful than typical dogs.

Do wolves sleep like dogs?

Researchers at the Department of Ethology at Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary, have measured the sleep of the dog's wild counterpart, the wolf, for the first time. Their new study was published in Scientific Reports.

Magnesium deficiency found to be detrimental to plants

The importance of magnesium in plants and animals has long been known, but the details of its uptake and transport in plants are largely unexplored. The recent results from an international collaboration led by Cornelia Spetea ...

Why are dog breeds with innate diseases popular?

Flat-faced dogs such as French and English bulldogs are extremely popular despite suffering from severe innate diseases. Hungarian researchers have attempted to uncover the explanation for this paradox. In the end, they concluded ...

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