Organization of scientists to stimulate research of the Sun by means of radio waves. CESRA publishes fresh research highlights based on refereed research - short communications written in the language accessible to a non-expert in the specific area.


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Fast reconnection in turbulent media

Solar flares, similar to many other astrophysical energetic processes, are related to magnetic reconnection. During these events magnetic energy is transferred from other forms of energy, mostly heat and energetic particles. ...

Anisotropic radio-wave scattering in the solar corona

Solar radio emission is produced in the turbulent medium of the solar atmosphere, and its observed properties (source position, size, time profile, polarization, etc.) are significantly affected by the propagation of the ...

Solar physics with the Square Kilometre Array

Although solar physics is one of the most mature branches of astrophysics, the sun confronts researchers with a large number of outstanding fundamental problems. These problems include the determination of the structure ...

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